About Us

Founder, Gale Wald Registered Nurse and Flight Attendant

Twenty-five years as a practicing RN and the past fourteen years as a Flight Attendant are the skills that make this an ideal business for me.

My professional Nursing experience encompassed in-hospital care of patients in a variety of settings. During this time, I became involved with Adult Family Homes. Preparing health assessments for seniors entering these homes, educating caregivers through the Nurse Delegation process and assisting with the on-going care of many seniors. I founded Senior Transitions, LLC, as a Nurse Consultant and referral service assisting families and their loved ones with health care options. Options for seniors whose health care was becoming increasingly more complex for everyone.


As a Flight Attendant, I have travelled widely throughout North America and personally travelled extensively abroad. There have been a variety of medical situations I have seen in the air both good and bad. And when it comes to air travel for some seniors, their needs can be significant.

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for seniors, respecting their independence as much as possible, provide an excellent travel experience and offer families peace of mind.

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Company History

Senior Transitions, LLC, began as a Nurse Consulting and Referral Service and continues that way today. The Air Travel Companion for Seniors evolved out of the many requests to accompany a senior from one city to another to attend a graduation or anniversary party, or to just plain visit with family. Many families also saw a need to relocate their parent or loved one closer to them due to that parent’s declining health and memory changes. Travel coordination was often difficult with family schedules and medical limitations and it seemed a natural to combine my nursing skills and flight attendant background to launch Air Travel Companion for Seniors.

We are based out of the Pacific Northwest and are able to help with travel between most cities in North America and Worldwide as needed. Typically, we assist seniors who are generally stable but need some level of personal assistance due to a medical condition, memory changes, or mobility needs. If you have a specific need, call, email us, or fill out the contact form and we can explore the possibilities.