Pricing Information

Travel Fees and Costs

  • Travel Companion Air Fare and travel time
  • Ground Transportation as needed
  • Additional expenses (see below)

Additional expenses may include:

  • Hotel – We strive to return the Air Travel Companion to the original departure city on the same day of travel.  Should arrival times at the destination be too late for a return flight, a hotel will need to be provided for the Travel Companion.
  • Meals and snacks for the Traveler and Travel Companion.
  • Baggage and wheelchair transporter fees.
  • Flight change fees if applicable.

Let us help you with your travel plans by completing the short “Contact” form.   Or, give us a call. We provide a complimentary 20 (twenty) minute pre-travel conversation with the Traveler, designated family member, or the individual working on behalf of the Traveler.