Cautious Reopening Here in Washington State

Hi friends,

It looks like there is a cautious Reopening here in Washington State.   Although it is in phases, I am sure many are grateful for this new beginning.   This is not for everyone and especially not yet for our Seniors.  Many of you have had limited visitation with that senior family member who is still living on their own, and, some of you may not have had a visit at all!   Would a “Wellness Package” for that Senior be of interest to you?   

This new package was recently launched by one of the busiest home-care agencies in Seattle, With A Little Help. I met up this past week with Shawn D’Amelio, their Director of Business Development, to learn more.    “This is such a relief for families and friends of Seniors who are still on their own and not needing full-time care.  And, it can also benefit family members caring for a loved one at home, offering a brief respite for them to walk in the neighborhood or work in the garden”.  The Package  “provides a  health assessment of body, mind, and spirit, creative remedies to prevent signs of loneliness,  safety and wellness reports to families after each visit, and much more”. If this “Wellness Package is something that your family or a friend’s family could use, contact With a Little Help at 206-352-7399. 

Please continue using those face masks and frequent hand washing each day. Stay well and healthy!