Relaxing video during this stressful time

I had to share this video that I received from April Graves, Director of Community Relations at Madison House. What a thoughtful idea to share ways to relax during these trying times. I asked April if I could pass this along to my readers and she approves. Let’s pay this forward and share it with others. Happy relaxing!

2 Minutes 4K Scene: Antigua Beach – Nature Relaxation™ Moment of Zen #5

Video Description: “Enjoy a brief moment on an idyllic tropical island beach hidden on the Caribbean island of Antigua for a few minutes with this 4K UHD Nature Relaxation™ moment of Zen:) Overall, while only there for 4 days and despite being rained on 3 out of 4 days, the shoot was a success and so you can expect a lot of amazing footage coming soon! This scene was filmed just south of the resort Coco Bay, on the South West side of the island.”