Tips for working from home

How is your stay-at-home experience going?  This is certainly a whole new world for each of us! Are you beginning your day with coffee while sitting in your jammies?  Or do you start your children’s on-line school classes first thing in the morning?  Are you getting dressed for your commute from the bedroom to the next room? Is taking a neighborhood walk the extent of your travel?

Nothing is the same. In the past, we’ve often listened to music while driving to work or centered our thoughts on how our day would unfold while on auto-pilot. Now, with that time missing, we need to find a way to put our plans in place. Nevertheless, I’ll lighten your day a bit and ask you to ponder what have you “seen, heard and smelled,” (yes, smelled) in your new workday environment?

For me, personally, I’ve seen, out my kitchen window, the annual blue jay return to begin her nesting activity.  I’ve heard my neighbors’ son practice his drumming. (not all day long).  I’ve smelled the beautiful daphnes in my garden during break time.  All of this is the “new normal” for those of us trying to work from home.

I offer these simple suggestions for your new work-at-home environment:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate with family, co-workers, even yourself!
  • Try to stick to your specific “work time”.
  • Use the same comfortable work spot each day, lots good light, and uncluttered (always a challenge)
  • Set your timer for 45 minutes to take a short break, get up stretch, etc.
  • Turn off the dings from your phone for a few minutes (unless waiting for one)
  • Limit time watching the news
  • Take two minutes out of your workday and listen to this great inspiring video, one of my favorite songs.

By the way, are you dressed yet?

I hope each of you enjoyed a beautiful sunny Easter weekend in a new and special way!